Step 1
What are your goals?

We can't steer the car if we can't see where we're going. Your business is the same. Let's find out what matters most to you and what it would take for you to achieve those targets or goals.

Step 2
Let's get the data right

We can't measure success with out something to base it on. We need to ensure your financials are correct and in place. We'll help you get the data right so we can start measuring.

Step 3
Reports that matter

An end of year report is better than nothing but why settle for that? Let's look at this more often and make sure we are looking at reports for the right reasons. What changes are required? What targets are we falling short of? Where can we improve?

Step 4
The Results

The discussion and dialogue is always open. The business will meet goals, set new ones and challenge for those as well. This is the cycle of business growth and, when aligned to your goals, this can help drive you to a more profitable and sustainable business than before.

Our Approach

What to expect

Our goal is to ensure that you have the financial clarity to achieve your goals and have a kick ass business.

No barriers, no ifs or buts, no excuses.

Find out more about our approach below.

Our Approach
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Dream Team

Meet the team

At Cone, we're determined to provide you with the most value and to help you to build the business you want.

Our expert care is with you every step of the way.

Client Stories

What our clients have said

We would have no hesitation in recommending Cone to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Tom Lambert - Enigma Digital Enterprises
Very efficient. Good knowledge on more than just standard accountancy with smooth communication skills that simplify terminology.
Richard Hicks - CScreens
Excellent set up! Very helpful and straight forward, even I can do the bank recs!
Leo Miles - FryerMiles Recruitment
Cone have given me an excellent business foundation which means I can spend time working on growing my business and not with my head in a spreadsheet. They do hard work so you can spend your time being creative.
Laura Turner - Hero

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