Our Approach

4 Steps To Financial Clarity

Our goal is to ensure that you have the financial clarity to achieve your goals and have a kick ass business.
No barriers, no ifs or buts, no excuses.


Goals and Targets

What do you want to achieve from your business? What are your goals and ambitions?

Our goal setting and target sessions involve us doing a deep dive into what your business is all about, what you are aiming for and the pain points you currently have.

We take all of this and put together an action plan to help keep you accountable. These realistic and measurable goals will help you keep on track and they will become the focus points of subsequent catch up calls to see how you're getting on.

What do you want from your business?

"I want to have more time with my family"

"I want to build a successful 7-figure business"

"I want to have a company culture that everyone dreams of"

"I want to be in the position to give away 15% of my profits to charitable causes"

"I want to be able to change my industry"


Data Foundation and Processing

The foundations have to be solid to be able to build a business successfully. We help you to get your accounting system in order, how you submit receipts, raising invoices and pull information from your bank account.

That sort of stuff.

The more data we can pull into the system, the more information at your fingertips.

This is where the magic happens.


Reporting and Forecasting

What's the use of all this processed data, though, if it just sits there?

We can now pull this data out, run comparatives, create budgets, forecasts and other cool stuff with your numbers so you can get the best visual clarity on your business position.

With great data, comes great clarity.


Business Results

Now you're in the know. You have the data, you have the slick processes and you have the visual clarity on your numbers. This is where we can work together to take inspired action and help you achieve your business goals.

Whether that is more time with the family, hitting 7-figures or even just to build a team and a culture.

This is now the zone you get to play in. No more crunching numbers and spreadsheets.

That's handled.

Go out and have fun with your business.

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Monica Welburn

Owner of The Elgin Avenue

I've been working with Cone for almost one year now, and cannot recommend Ben and his team enough for small business owners, creatives and bloggers. Ben and his team really understand the nuances of being a small creative business, and have helped me to not only stay on top of my accounting but to plan for the future too.

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