Building Momentum Within Your Day


Chloe Slade

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Apr 30, 2020

What does it mean to build momentum within your day, and why is it important? 

Building momentum is where you are 'increasing forward motion', aka, you are moving the needle forward with your goals, desires and wishes. 

It is essential to build momentum in order to be sustainable with your action, time and energy. 

When you build momentum within a task or project, showing up for that project becomes more natural and therefore easier.

So on the days where you are low on energy, will power or time, you still make space to move forward within your life, business and goals.


So, how do you start building momentum? The first step is to gain clarity on what you want and how you are going to show up for it.

Ask yourself: 'What are your current challenges and goals? What do you want to improve on? What do you wish to streamline?'. 

Thinking of it this way allows you to direct your focus onto the big change, in a small way, which will enable you to work ON your business- not just in it!


If you are struggling to gain focus here is a rule that may help.

Introducing: the 80:20 rule.

You have probably heard of the 80:20 rule in some context before.

The general idea is that you look at the 20% of things/action that is contributing to 80% of the results. 

So think about the things you could streamline, and build that would make the most significant impact within your business, life and goals.


How is it done? How do you actually maintain this momentum once you have identified what you want to focus on?

You maintain momentum through the power of habit and standards. 

Habits are the tasks you do frequently and consistently.

Standards are a little like power habits; they are the things you do daily that make up who you are. Think of them as habits that define your identity. 

Examples of standards are, making your bed every morning or writing a chapter of your book each night. 

They are the most potent habits because not only are they in alignment with the 80:20 rule (contributing to how your life and business is working), but they also are the norm to you.

You do not question them; they are a part of who you are.

Much like how you do not have an internal debate as to whether or not you should clean your teeth, you just do it! 

Your standards are the power habits that contribute to your goals that you normally do daily without question.

By creating a blend of habits and standards, you will start making showing up for your goals part of your normal, part of who you are, and in turn, this builds momentum. 


Building momentum can help you even when you are low on motivation or will. It is a constant that you make part of your identity. 

I suggest only picking a few areas and aspects of your life and business to start with; this is about a lifestyle and identity change, not a quick fix! 


So a little summary before we talk about the next steps to get started on your journey…

Momentum is maintained with consistency and falling in love with and committing to the process. 


So, what can you do from here? What is the next action?

The first thing you need to do is identify what you want to build momentum with. 

I suggest picking just one thing to focus on, so you do not feel overwhelmed, as this will not help with building momentum. 

Identify what it is that would help you build the momentum.

For example, do you want to build momentum with your sales? Do you want to build momentum within your marketing? Your outreach? Client happiness?

Think about your current challenges and which one would benefit from building momentum.

Then identify what the next natural step is. 

You can then start to see what habits and standards will support the next natural step.

Is the next natural step to show up online every day and serve/interact with people? If so, how can you create a habit to support that and how can you ensure that you remove any resistance around completing the habit consistently?

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Chloe Slade
Head of Community

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