10 Purchases For The On-The-Go Entrepreneur


Chloe Slade

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Jan 25, 2019

Whether you are on the go but still sleep at home, whether it is a new city every night or maybe even a new country, being an on the go entrepreneur can take its toll. The results? Tiredness, lack of energy and a severe lack of time.

We totally get it; sometimes it is all about maximising that layover, minimising the time it takes to get to sleep and improving those morning rituals.

So without further a due, we are going to share our favourite products (that are all under £50) that will enhance and streamline your routine.


Although not the most pleasant first use, (sometimes if your magnesium level is low it can itch) magnesium spray does serve a significant purpose.

Aside from the obvious (it increases your magnesium levels), the spray is also known to elevate your mood,  relieve stress and boost energy levels. It also relaxes muscles which makes it a great travel companion, especially before you need to sleep.

See product here.


Epsom salts are a game changer.

There are so many benefits, especially after a long flight or a day where you have been on your feet a lot.

We know that Tim Ferris is a massive fan of Epsom salt baths and for a good reason. Epsom Salt baths are not only mentally relaxing but can also relax your muscles, it can also help ease stomach cramps.

All in all, a wonder product.

See product here.


One reason you may be low on energy is due to your low levels of B12.

The B12 spray is something I turn to when my coffee isn't working, and my energy levels are low. As it is a liquid that gets sprayed into the mouth, I feel like it works pretty rapidly.

See product here.


Bad back from hunching over a laptop all day? Or maybe you have been on your feet all day?

This mat, dubbed as the ‘bed of nails’ really is incredible. It has numerous benefits, including better sleep and aid with back and neck pains.

I have actually used it to walk on to soothe sore feet, but of course, I need to insert a disclaimer in here: This is just what I do, it does not constitute as medical advice! The real name of this product is an Acupressure Mat. There are so so many brands that do a similar product, but this just happens to be the one I own

See product here.


Long commutes, calls and mediation all made so much more comfortable with AirPods.

I speak about these a lot, but that's only because I really do think that they are such a gamechanger. They are small and compact, so will not take up a lot of room or space and make your day to day a little more streamlined.

See product here.


Grabbing those little nuggets of time have never been easier. You will be surprised how much time you get back. This handy little, foldable pocket keyboard can be connected to your phone and you can start typing away. This is a great little tool to whip out when you are waiting for a flight, or are catching up on emails in a coffee shop. Now, I know, you can do that from your laptop too, but what I love about this tool is that it is so light and non- intrusive. Getting your laptop out is way more of a bulkier commitment, this keyboard is a short time solution.

See product here.


This one is for the power naps. The J Pillow is one of the better travel pillows I have endured. It is also perfect for those who sleep on their side.

See product here.


I honestly don’t think I will ever travel without them, and if I do, it will be by mistake.

There are so many products like this on the market, but in my opinion, they are the best. I feel a physical and mental shift.

So whether you have had a little too much to drink at the mixer last night, or you are a little jet lagged, Phizz has got your back.

See product here.


Your face and eyes will not crease, it is instant darkness. Pair this with calming sounds that can play through your AirPods and you are onto a winner.

See product here.


T2 is one of my favourite tea brands. It is one of the (very few) tea bags that use the good stuff.

When you are on the go, you want a good cup of tea. The great thing about tea is you can purchase just hot water and then add your blend, or when you get to your hotel room you know you are guaranteed a good cuppa!

Tea can help you with a whole plethora of feelings and issues. Here are some of our favourite blends.

Tea for digestion.

Tea for energy.

Tea for sleep.

See wellness teas here.

And that's our 10! Most of these purchases are relatively low cost, but their small investment has excellent benefits. What is your favourite? What would you add to the list? Share this post on Instagram and tag us in!

Chloe Slade
Head of Community

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