How To Consume More Books


Chloe Slade

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Jan 29, 2021

I love a good book! And consuming books has so many benefits. You get all of the best bits from experts, delivered in one small package.

But for me, a strong reason as to why I like to read is that you get to decide on the mind food that you consume on a conscious.

You are literally fuelling your mind with the good stuff.

So if we all know that consuming books is a powerful habit, but how can we increase that habit?

That is what we are going to delve into right now...


Remove resistance by creating an action plan! When you know the topics and book names, it removes that barrier of 'I don't know what to read'. 

I would take it a step further and say get clear on why you want to read that book. What is in that particular book for you?

Are you trying to learn a new business technique that you can implement in your business? Are you trying to learn how to have a more balanced and blended day? Are you trying to be more productive so you can work less?

Identify the what and the why for your reading list. 


Make the habit of reading so easy that it feels silly not to do it. Make it a daily practice that you read one page a day.

One page a day is doable, and it helps you get over the barrier of picking up the book, as odd as that may sound! You can even do it while you do other habits like cleaning your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil.

Bonus tip, put your book in a place where you do an existing habit, and it will act as a visual prompt! 


This point has a few levels to it, first of all, give yourself permission to stop reading that book that is not fulfilling you.

We have all done it, we have started a book with all the good intentions, but we are just not vibing with it for whatever reason.

Stop reading that book before it kills your habit. Maybe you will come back to it, perhaps you won't but forcing yourself to read a book that you do not see any meaning in, is a waste of time. 

The other part of this is to give yourself permission to stop in the moment. If you do not want to read and have completed your standard of reading one page, stop! Come back to it when you are in a new state of mind. 


Listening to your book in an audio format is definitely one of my favourite methods.

But you still have to build the habit of listening! I try to create mini rituals that can incorporate the audiobook. I will think of times and places where I can listen to the audiobook, and then I set reminders to trigger the habit.

Tidying up, going for a walk and my afternoon tea break are all times where I know I can listen for a little while. So although my tip here is to listen to your book on audio, my bonus tip is to decide on a time and place for where you can listen! 


Adding a fun form of accountability into the mix can really help you up your reading game.

When you know someone else is going to want to talk about the book that you are reading, you take it in on a whole other level, because you are not only reading the book, but will have to provide your thoughts to another person.

Another way to approach this is if you both read different books and then have to give each other the 'best bits', this brings a great level of accountability! 


I have a page within my Notion account where I write up the core notes from a book that I would like to implement into my life.

I feel that actually implementing what you learn from a book a fundamental part of the puzzle. Yes, just by reading the book, you are filling your mind with a whole lot of goodness but implementing it into your life is how you grow and gain momentum.

Just having this place to be accountable for your reading/listening can really help! 

So, I hope these tips help you raise your book consuming game. The important thing to clarify is why you want to read more. When you get clear on your 'why', you are much more likely to stick with the habit. 

Chloe Slade
Head of Community

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