Improving Efficiency With Your Meals.


Chloe Slade

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Jan 30, 2020

When you are busy growing a business, self-care is often the first thing to go, when ironically it is the time where you need it most.

I say self-care and you may be thinking about face masks and bubble baths, but what I actually mean is the simple art of taking care of yourself on a fundamental level.

Something that so many entrepreneurs unintentionally neglect.

It looks like taking the time to get your mindset right; it looks like maintaining a safe and clean environment that you thrive in. It is being mindful of the food you are putting in your body.

Today, I want to tackle the latter idea: food.

I want to share some of my favourite ways to look after yourself and your family.


We have tried Gousto and can highly recommend it.

It is hugely efficient...

You do not have to go to the shops to get the ingredients, nor do you have to sift through online and add ingredients to your basket.

Another time-saving element is that all of the ingredients are pre-portioned, so you dave time by not having to weigh out ingredients.

Yet another time-saving resource is you do not have to ‘work out’ what you are going to cook, you simply scroll through the online ‘menu’ and select the meal and add it to your box.

I really like this, and it saves decision fatigue a little as although you still have to decide as to what you want, you do not then have to think about what you do or do not have in the house.

The recipe cards that come with the box also contribute to reducing decision fatigue.

You do not have to ‘think’ too much, you just follow the recipe.

So overall, the cost per the meal saves a lot of time and decision fatigue, making this an option for busy business owners.


You get home, you are tired. You just want something quick but tasty.

You do not want to 'cook' so what is the solution?

Enter the freezer meal.

There are a few good options for this, depending on how much time you really want to invest.

The shortcut here is to hit up a company such as 'allplants' and get a box delivered to you.

With 'allplants', you simply select a box of 6 meals, and they are delivered to you.

All you need to do is pop the meals in the freezer,  and then into the oven when you are ready to eat.

An alternative if you like cooking but do not have the time through the week is to consider making extra portions of food that you make on the weekend and then you can grab some containers to freeze them in.

Chilli, bolognese, frittatas and lasagne all freeze really well and only require pantry staples to create a meal such as rice and pasta. Ensure you load your freezer meals with plenty of veggies and protein to ensure you are fuelling your mind and body right.


But sometimes you want something fresh, simple, and from ingredients, you already have in the fridge. I get it.

I have dubbed this meal strategy as the ‘all in’ meal. The kind of meal that you pop in the oven for 30 minutes while you can go shower, read your book or sign off the day. Buddha bowls and sheet pan recipes are great for this kind of thing.

The sheet pan recipe can actually be doubled, and then you can have buddha bowls with them the next day.

Here are some of my favourites...

Sheet Pan Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowls.

Autumn Sausage Veggie and Apple Sheet Pan Dinner.

Sheet Pan Tofu and Veggies.


So there we have it. Some super easy strategies to get on top of your food game, so you can worry less about what you are going to eat so you can focus more on showing up for the life you want.

Remember, you can better serve everyone in your life if you are taking care of yourself.

One more bonus tip for you is this: keep a note of how you feel and your energy levels with the different foods you eat.

Keeping track of how you feel after the food you eat can help you see the effect that the food you are eating can have on you.

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Chloe Slade
Head of Community

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